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I have a very hectic life. I wish that I didn’t, but the reality is that, with two kids who homeschool and are very involved in taekwondo (my son) and dance (my daughter), I am busy. Not to mention all of the volunteering, working, spending time with family and taking care of the house, there is not much wiggle room.

How do I deal with all of the chaos in my life each week? Well, to be honest with you, I really don’t. But I am working on changing that. I have decided to start a Sunday Planning routine.

What Is Sunday Planning?

  • Sunday Planning is a set-aside time every Sunday to plan for the week ahead. The amount of time you set aside depends completely on you. It mostly depends on how much planning you intend to do and exactly how deep and detailed you want to get.
  • Some people include meal planning, scheduling, paying bills and even planning out projects. This is all personal preference and completely up to you what you want and what you even need.


Sunday Planning Can Save You Time

  • It only makes sense that planning out your week or adding in any of the other tasks on a specific set aside time each week will save you time in the long run. For me, at least, since I am not doing anything at all at the moment, it will save me from flying by the seat of my pants all day long.
  • For instance, just including meal planning will help me know what I need to prep earlier in the day for that evening because several nights a week we are not home until 8:00 pm.
  • Having dinner already prepped and ready to start when I get home on those nights will stop the “What’s for dinner?” thoughts as I am driving home. My family will also be eating dinner at a better time of night, not say, 9:30 or 10:00. That does really happen sometimes.


How Do I Get Started?

  • Getting started is easy. All you need to do is pick a time on Sunday (this could even be a general time of the day such as “after dinner”) and make sure that it is set aside for your planning time.
  • Then, you just pick something that you know will make your week run more smoothly and work on it during that time frame. Like I mentioned earlier, it could be planning out your meals for the week and then making your shopping list. It could be looking in your planner and scheduling everything you need to do or all of the appointments you have for the week.
  • However you need to make this happen, just do it. I don’t think that there is really a right or wrong way (other than not doing it at all, I think that would be the wrong way to do Sunday Planning). Just make it work for you.


Tips For Success

    Start small. If you are having trouble fitting in time on a busy Sunday, just start with one area and make it a habit before adding more to your list.
    Make a checklist that you follow each week.
    Don’t beat yourself up. Life happens. If you forget or get too busy one week, just jump back in the following week.
    Get your family involved. My kids love having input when it comes to meal planning and the grocery list.
    Download my checklist if that will help you. I created my own checklist to follow. It is free for anyone who would like to download it.


How Do I Download The Checklists?

Are You Ready To Join Me?

  • Leave a comment below if you are ready to join me and start Sunday Planning. Or, if you are already planning on a weekly basis, please share some of your own advice and tips with us.
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