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First of all, just let me say that I typically do not buy boxed mixes. I’m not really sure why my husband and I grabbed this box of Jello No-Bake Double Chocolate Cheesecake on our last shopping trip. I guess you could say we were suffering from “hungry while shopping syndrome”. Anyway, we bought it and I thought that I would give it a go and share with my readers what I thought of this really simple “no-bake” dessert.


How Did I Find Out About Jello No-Bake Double Chocolate Cheesecake?

My husband and I were on our usual weekly shopping trip. We usually do this in the morning on the weekends. I had slept in a little bit and my husband was in a hurry to get the shopping done so we left the house without breakfast.

Usually, when we don’t have time to grab a bite to eat before heading to the store, we would grab something on the way. We didn’t do that on this particular day. That means that all sorts of things were being added to our shopping cart that was not on our list.

I am one of those people that love the list. I try to make it as thorough as possible so I can just stick to the list. My husband, on the other hand, likes to look and see what else he can find that might interest him. It drives me crazy.

But when he pulled this particular box off of the shelf, I have to admit that I was intrigued (and hungry). I love cheesecake. My family loves cheesecake. It looked easy enough to make and I knew that my kids would be very happy with this dessert. So, why not. “Let’s give it a go,” I told my husband.

No-Bake Double Chocolate Cheesecake

What Are the Positives of This No-Bake Double Chocolate Cheesecake?

First of all, I would like to say, that we really did enjoy this dessert very much. I mentioned earlier that I don’t usually buy box mixes. I am a make-it-from-scratch kind of girl, but I was happy with it. Here are the positives we found:

  • The flavor was delicious.
  • It was very chocolaty.
  • It was very easy to make (my daughter actually did the work).
  • The instructions were very clear and easy to understand.
  • I didn’t need a lot of extra ingredients.
  • There were very few tools and equipment needed.

What Are the Negatives of This No-Bake Double Chocolate Cheesecake?

With all of those positives, I do still have a few negatives. Not many, but here they are:

  • It didn’t set up very well. I had it in the refrigerator for several hours past the time it called for and ended up having to move it to the freezer for a little while to get it to “set”. It was very, very soft at room temperature.
  • It didn’t taste at all like cheesecake. This may be because it didn’t “set” right, but it tasted and felt more like a pudding pie.

How Do You Make It?

Now, to the fun part. This is a play-by-play of how you make this dessert.



  • Step 1

    • Combine crust mix and butter.
    • Press onto the bottomĀ and up the side of the pie plate.

making the crust

  • Step 2

    • Beat filling mix and milk with mixer on low speed 30 sec., then on medium speed 3 min. (Filling will be thick.)
    • Spoon over crust.
    • Refrigerate 1 hour.

mixing the filling

  • Step 3

    • Cut dessert into 6 pieces.
    • Refrigerate any leftovers.


Why Should You Try It?

So, if you are thinking about a delicious chocolate dessert that is super easy to make, I suggest you go right ahead and give this box mix a try. Jello No-Bake Double Chocolate Cheesecake does deliver.

Have you already tried this dessert? Leave a comment below and let me know what you thought about it. Or are you planning on giving it a try?

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